Book Review: Twenty-one Year Rule by Alaina Stanford

21yearrule  Publisher: Hypnotic Publishing; 2 edition

  Format: E-Book

  Released: July 15, 2014

  Grade Rating: B –


Amazon Summary:

Bash sacrificed everything to save his sisters life, including his freedom. After three years of parole, he’s finally ready to start over. When he meets a young ski instructor named Grace, falling in love was the last thing he expected. Bash can see his future in Grace’s eyes, but his past won’t let him go.



Let me start this review by saying, this is the third book in a series, and I have not read the first or second book. I however, did not find the story to follow because of this. This book is a fast paced thriller, and was a truly enjoyable and easy read for me, however I just could not bring myself to give this book an A because of the poor writing.

Let me just get the negative out of the way first. This book needs to be proofread, multiple times. There were so many simple grammatical and spelling errors that it was distracting. I’m pretty sure at one point near the beginning of the book she even calls one of the characters by the wrong name. The other thing that drove me absolutely insane during this entire book is that the narrator changes so frequently it makes the story hard to follow at times. I will be completely honest and say I have yet to find a book with multiple narrators that I absolutely love, because I feel it’s unnecessary and distracting. I would not be complaining as much if the narrator would change every chapter, but there are literally changes every few paragraphs, which I just personally do not enjoy at all.

Now on to the positive. The opening scene to this book is amazing. Literally AMAZING. If you want something that’s going to come out slap you in the face and say this is why you are reading me, this is it. The author continues the adrenaline pumping scenes throughout the whole book, and she does not set you up for disappointment. This book is part thriller, and part romance, which sounds bizarre but somehow works perfectly together.

I would love to go on and give details, but I would ruin the story. If you are looking for a quick and easy read and enjoy crime or thriller novels I would pick this up. If you are a true romance lover and you do not like thrillers, then definitely skip this one. This novel is somewhat graphic (in the gore sense not the sexual sense) at times, and I would be hesitant to give this book to young readers. Although the writing style is not my favorite, I will be putting the first and second books on my list of books to read, because these are the perfect quick leisure reads.