Skincare every 20-something should have begun yesterday

I constantly get asked how I look like a 14 year old when I’m clearly not 14. The truth is, I have really good skin genes but, I do work to take care of my skin, everyday. Are in a post-grad and still doing the same skincare routine you did when you were 12? well you probably need to get it together and re-vamp because your more sophisticated skin needs more sophisticated care.

The biggest tip I have is to stay hydrated. When I say hydrated I do not mean college ‘hydrated.’ I mean drink water. Why water? When you become dehydrated your body naturally draws water from your tissues (skin) and draws it into your blood. When you become dehydrated all those fine lines and wrinkles just love to come out to play, and nobody wants that.

The next tip is something that for some reason 20-somethings think they’re too young for, and that is eye cream. The skin around your eye area is delicate and often the first skin to age. I personally like to use a lighter eye cream during the day and a nice thick eye cream at night. Using an eye cream keeps your under eye skin hydrated, which makes you look younger and more awake.  If you suffer from dark circles around or under your eyes its probably due to poor circulation. Pick up your eye cream morning and night and do rotaries to increase circulation. Rotaries are exactly what they sound like: rubbing your fingers gently in a circular motion around your entire eye socket. Do it for 5 days straight, and thank me when people stop mistaking you for a zombie.

Another thing that 20-somethings think they are too young for but are not is a dedicated night cream. Why do you need a night cream? Night is when your skin rejuvenates, and you want to keep your cells hydrated so they can work most effectively. I personally have a dry skin problem so I use night creams that are targeted for dry skin. Also, night creams are usually anti-aging and I don’t usually use anti-aging products during the day, and its never too early to start.  Plus, I’m trying to not get wrinkles until I have at least one foot in the grave. Next time your at the store pickup a night cream, and thank me when your skin looks better than Beyonce’s.

A very important part of my skincare routine that I do not think gets enough love is multi-masking. Now a lot of you are probably like what is multi-masking? Multi-Masking is using different masks on different parts of your face. This is much more effective for your skin, because most people have different things they need to target on different areas of their face. Personally, I like to use a charcoal mask on my nose and on my chin because those are the two areas I am most prone to breakouts. I then use a hydrating mask on my cheeks, and depending on the week will either use a clay or anti-aging mask on my forehead. My biggest tip, is look at your skin, and break it into areas and treat each problem area individually. Make sure you don’t over do it with masks, once to twice a week is plenty.

The next item I’m not going to go into very much because we’ve all heard it probably about a million times. Wear SPF every day. Yes that includes the winter because the sun still is out in the winter. Or don’t wear SPF and look like a leathery wrinkly mess…. your loss, not mine.

Another thing you have probably hear all the time is remove your makeup every night. Yes every night means EVERY night. I’ve heard every excuse…. you’re tired, and its late, and you’re currently the number one customer on the hot mess express. Leaving your makeup on, ages you, clogs your pores, and makes you wake up with glued shut panda eyes. Just take a makeup wipe, and remove your makeup, even if you don’t cleanse your face, its better than nothing.

Last but not least, take care of your lips. Yes your lips, that means exfoliate and hydrate them, who wants to walk around with your skin looking flawless and then a crusty set of lips. Ew. Fact: Crusty lips will make your whole face look older. Use a good lip balm or treatment day and night.

So there it is my friends, my not so secret, secrets to keeping your skin looking good, and to continue getting ID’ed at bars into your upper 20’s and low to mid 30’s.