Going Au Natural: My Slow Switch to Natural Products

So, with all the time I have had on my hands I’ve been reading a lot on the benefits of switching to natural and organic products. Also, I believe, although this is not backed by science in any way shape or form my toxic environment (mentally, physically, spiritually and all that jazz) helped to accelerate my kidney failure. So, I have made the decision to lessen the amount of chemicals I am willingly putting in, or on (and therefore by default in) my body.

Notice I say lessen. I say lessen, because I am not going on a Kourtney Kardashian style gluten free, dairy free, soy free only organic diet. FORGET THAT. I love gluten, I love cheese, and at this time I plan on keeping both of them around. I also say lessen because I literally have an addiction to makeup (although, ironically, I probably only wear it like once a week because I’m lazy) and 98% of makeup, and 100% of the makeup that I own is not organic or natural and I’m not giving up Urban Decay anytime soon. Actually I take that back, I own one lipstick and 4 lip crayons, and one lip primer by Bite beauty, which if you didn’t know is a company that makes their cosmetics out of all edible grade ingredients, however, their formulas are not my favorite at all. Basically, overall I have found that natural and organic make up just isn’t on the level that chemical packed makeup is on, and I’ll keep exploring it, but the chance of me giving up all those pretty potentially toxic beauties are slim to none.

So I started my transition to natural products by going to the first store that came to mind for natural products, LUSH. If you don’t know, LUSH is a potentially overpriced shop that has recently become higher on the radar because of  their vast selection of bath bombs that are in an array of colors and scents, and yes, some even have glitter! Ever dream of taking a pink bubble gum scented sparkly bath? Well this is the store you go to do just that. BTW that bath is going to cost you $8 plus whatever the water costs but it will be fun for the 20ish minutes you’re in there until the water gets cold. Now I have used some lush products on and off from about 2012, so I was not unfamiliar with their offerings, however I’ve never made the complete switch. So I went to the lush store, and mentally prepared myself for coming out with a painfully expensive tiny bag of delicious smelling products.

I ended up buying the following products: Coalface (a bar soap facial cleanser), Imperials (moisturizer), Respect Your Elders (soap), American Cream (conditioner), Jersey Bounce (shampoo), and Tender is the Night (massage bar – to be used as lotion). I actually am not unhappy with any of the products performance. I am, however, unhappy with the price. I figured though this would be a good an investment, and easy way to wean off of my formal chemical heavy products, so I don’t loose to much sleep over it.

Products that I am highly considering not switching: Coalface, and Imperials. I think my bar of coalface cost $9 and I feel like I have barely made a dent in it. I have pretty amazing skin (thanks genetics) and I’m pretty sure I could basically just throw water on my face and have minimal breakouts, but this leaves my face feeling super clean. I thought I wouldn’t like it because it was a bar not like a liquid/gel that I have traditionally been using but it still lathers really nicely, and has a nice gentle exfoliation. Imperials was $25 for 1.5oz which I know is steep, but this stuff is so thick I use such a little amount. My skin is normal to dry and I feel like this offers plenty of hydration without making me oily. Also, for what its worth my sister also likes it, but she has the same skin type as me.

Products that were good but I will not be repurchasing: Jersey bounce, American Cream, and Respect your Elders. Okay lets be honest, there are 1000 other natural soaps out there, and I didn’t really find that Respect your elders lathered super well, and it smells okay but not so good that I’m going to be buying it again. Jersey bounce was good shampoo I just HATE the packaging. It comes in their traditional black tubs (which if you save 5 of them you can return them for a free face mask) but it means I was scooping out WAY too much product. I thought at first it didn’t really lather, but once you add a lot, not a little of water this stuff LATHERS. Anyway, it was good, but I use it way too fast and it costs $10 for like 10 uses so like NO bye Felicia, I’m over it, trying something else. The American Cream Conditioner was good but nothing to write home about. It smells delicious, but doesn’t leave my hair exceptionally soft or anything. I did use this way less than I used the Jersey Bounce so I still have some left, which I will be using up.

Undecided product,Tender is The Night. I love the way this smells. It’s also pretty affordable, but you literally can only wear this if you’re completely okay with being greasy feeling, which I don’t like to go out in public feeling greasy, so this is a night only product for me. So I guess I will decide later if I’m using this still.

In the meantime, I have purchased The Honest Company products to try and see if I like better, because they free of harsh chemicals, cruelty free, and many other things, and WAY cheaper, also if you’re buying 5 products over the price of $7.19 you can save money by creating a bundle. I’ll write more on this in another post because we will be here all week if include it, and this post is already too long.

I also decided to switch my deodorant. If you’ve not been living under a rock, you should have heard by now that the aluminum in traditional deodorants have been linked to breast cancer among other things. If you haven’t just google search “aluminum in deodorant” and decide for yourself. I decided to purchase the LAVANILA Sport Luxe Deodorant because YouTube made me do it. I’ve heard about this “Healthy Deodorant” everywhere and the YouTubers supposedly love it. Well let me tell you something, this stuff does NOT work for me.  I think something in this product makes me sweat more, because I literally smelled WORSE using this than using no deodorant at all (yes, I tested this theory). I read a lot on switching to natural deodorants and how its rough for a couple of weeks because your armpits are detoxing from all the years of using your choice of poison was (mine was pH balanced Secret) so at first I thought it was just that, then I decided one day to experiment and wear no D.O. (I know I’m a gross human being come at me; but in my defense I’m dying, and I was just laying around the house that day anyway) and magically I didn’t stink. I also started doing more research and found a couple of studies that suggested the less you wear antiperspirant the less you sweat and stink. Which I think is true, because The Healthy Deodorant isn’t antiperspirant just deodorant, but I think the film of goop under my arms just blocked airflow and increased sweat. So now I’m trying a spray on formulation also by the Honest Company.

So I literally cannot believe you read all this about the stuff I’m putting on my body, but I hope this inspires you to do your own research and start to remove toxic things in your life, be it products, humans, or other things.

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